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My Day at Avanti Insurance

May 12, 2016

kids at work

It all started with a failed attempt to go to my dad’s work for take your child to work day. I had known that take your child to work day was coming up for a few days before the real deal. Before I had always gone to take your child to work day with my dad and gone to his podiatry office and hung out around there. But this year my take your child to work day went a little differently.

My dad’s schedule is always pretty busy but on take your child to work day of 2016, his day was jam packed with patients and was filled with runs to the hospital for surgeries. I was pretty bummed that I might actually have to go to school on take your child to work day when I had the genius idea of going to work with my mom. My mom works in the heart of downtown Golden at Avanti Insurance.Izzies Day at the Office 05062016

From the minute I walked into the office, I felt a wave of new responsibilities flooding the area. The very professional environment of the place made me really see everything differently and what exactly I was preparing for when I was sitting in all of my 8th grade classes.

I met with my mom’s co-worker, Gail who’s bright smile and infectious laugh suddenly lightened the mood of the entire office.  And then I met with my mom’s boss, Susan O’Kelley. Her warm smile and professional yet lovely sense of fun, set the tone for the day. She told me about how I could help and what exactly I would be doing that day.

My younger sister had the job of preparing the flowers while making herself a “desk’’. I got the privilege of filing. It sounds like a pretty menial job, but it isn’t. It is incredibly important. It is great for organization and being able to do their jobs most efficiently.

I also got to listen to and hear some co-worker to co-worker exchanges. It really started to give me ideas and thoughts about how working and making a living in the future. My mom also gave me an excellent example of how to treat people and provide good customer service.

Overall my day at Avanti Insurance gave me an idea of how to live my life and make a living in the future. I learned how important it is to just be plain nice to people and how great of an example Avanti Insurance and its employees are. I wouldn’t have traded this experience for the world.

Isabella “Izzy” Valenti




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