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Insurance Agencies Are Crazed!

September 2, 2015

Hello!  My name is Liz Cooke.  I’m new at Avanti.  I came on board to do one particular project and have become embroiled in the day to day madness that is the insurance industry.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m loving it, but this industry is busy, busy, busy.  And Avanti is growing, growing, growing.  Phone calls, emails, special delivery, paperwork, phone calls, emails, client meeting, paperwork.  Rinse and repeat.

Yes, I have worked in a business office before.  I‘ve experienced all this before, but not at such a pace.

“New client on line one.”

“Has the carrier bound the policy yet?”

“We need to follow up on the renewal for Smith.”

“Do we have all the signatures we need for this client?”

“Here’s the Medicare HIPAA Manual.  Edit it.”

“Who has the Wilson file?”

“Don’t step on the dog!”

Lili stepped on pic

Thank goodness I work with great people.  We have similar senses of humor, so it’s all good.  When one of us gets overwhelmed, the others tell twisted jokes or break into song and dance, to make it better.

It works for us.

I’m glad to be on board and look forward to helping our clients… just not all at the same time, please.

As always, thanks for reading,

— E. A. Cooke


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