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Get up and Dance – National Dance Day is this Saturday

July 20, 2015

Whether you tango, cha cha, or salsa be sure to bust a move Saturday! Source:

This Saturday is National Dance Day, created by So You Think You Can Dance Producer Nigel Lythgoe.  The recognized event now takes place every year on the last Saturday of July after congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton introduced a National Dance Day resolution to promote dance education and physical fitness. Dancing is a great activity that can have multiple benefits to your health as well as your personality, such as:

  1. Burning off calories.  Dancing rigorously for just one hour can burn around 500-700 calories!
  2. Preventing disease.  The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute have published studies stating that regular dancing can increase life expectancy by preventing heart disease and decreasing blood pressure!
  3. Mood Improvement.  In addition to strengthening your body, dancing can also heighten your mood and reduce the stress in your daily life.  Get those endorphins pumping!
  4. Improvement of workout by music.  It’s proven that exercising while listening to music increases the “verbal fluency” of the mind, meaning that you will speak clearer and have a sharper brain!
  5. Relationship Improvements.  Dancing with others creates relationships that stick around.  It’s rejuvenating to teach and learn from your peers while you get exercise together!

Also, if you didn’t know, Susan is a tap, jazz, and ballet teacher at Destination Dance in Wheat Ridge, Colorado!  The studio is also celebrating National Dance Day by teaming up with The American Ballroom Dance Studio, which Kristi owns, and recording a group dance to send to So You Think You Can Dance.  The dance will be recorded this Thursday, July 23rd and should be a hit!

Destination Dance:

The American Ballroom Dance Studio:

If you enjoy to dance and want to celebrate the national dance holiday, there are some local events in which you may participate!

  • At the Mercury Café, on Thursday, July 23rd, swing dancing classes at 6pm are being held.  See their website for additional details!
  • At Sons of Italy in Wheat Ridge, there is a ballroom dance event being held on Friday, July 24th.  For more information go to
  • Arapahoe Libraries will be teaching the Nat. Dance Day routine at the Sheridan Library so come on out and get your groove on!

We hope you celebrate accordingly Saturday and wish you a Happy National Dance Day!


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