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Keeping Your Dogs Safe

July 16, 2015

Having a dog is a big responsibility, and often times people forget to provide the adequate care and attentiveness required to own an animal.  That being said, we want the best for your furry canines of all shape and size, so here are some safety tips for the summer!

Heat Stroke

The summer heat can bring a big risk for man’s best friend, and heat stroke is certainly not something to be taken lightly when the repercussions can be so severe.   Be alert for symptoms.  These include: panting, lethargy, vomiting, fever, drooling, or collapse.  If your dogs are not acting normally and showing these signs of heat stroke, take them to a veterinarian immediately. Keep an extra eye out for breeds with shorter noses, smaller dogs, senior dogs, and dogs with thicker coats.  These types of dogs are more susceptible to the heat.  Always make sure your canines have plenty of water as it goes a very long way for cooling them off.  Also, daily walks can be taken in the evenings or early mornings in order to avoid the heat of the day, and remember that hot sidewalks don’t help much at all in keeping your dog cool.  Lastly, the most important rule to remember is to NEVER LEAVE YOUR DOG ALONE INSIDE A CAR!

Water Safety

Whether a lake or a small stream blocking a trail, dogs should always be supervised when around or in a body of water. Some dogs that aren’t phenomenal swimmers can wear a PFD (Personal Flotation Device).  When choosing a PFD for your dog, make sure it fits properly and doesn’t slip.  This will make a better swimming, or floating, experience for him or her. There are many different types of PFD’s as well ranging from highly durable products for white water rafting to simple jackets, so you should be able to find one that fits your dog’s needs.  Also, when around bodies of water, be sure to take note of what your dog drinks. Nobody wants a sick dog, and drinking stagnant water can introduce bacteria to your companion.  Keep your pals healthy!

Trail Safety

When out on the trail, be sure to make plenty of noise to ensure that you do not surprise a bear, mountain lion, or other dangerous predator.  Many of these animals see dogs as threats and will attack at will, so please be responsible when backpacking or even day hiking.  Rattlesnakes are also a big threat to our canines so always be on alert for them as a severe bite to your dog can ruin a weekend of hiking (Not to mention the quite expensive anti-venom you are required to purchase from a veterinarian hospital).  Also, always be aware of trail etiquette when out with your dogs, and be sure to respect any rules or regulations regarding the area in which you are entering.

No dog wants to deal with a snake bite. Also, all of his friends will make fun of him because he looks like such a doofus.

We hope this advice sends you and your dogs out for a fun and safe summer, and be sure to give them plenty of love from the Avanti Agency!


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