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Cyber Security – Are You Protected?

July 13, 2015

In this day in age technology is slowly incorporating itself into almost everything we do.  Our cars are becoming more advanced, our smart phones come out with a new technology update every other month, and society in general is moving forward towards a more technologically dependent era.  That being said, there are many issues and risks that come with the tools small business owners use to run their everyday activities.  The slightest data leak or break-in by a malicious outside party can seriously put an individual or business at harm, so steps should be taken in order to better secure your personal life and your work career.

Property Casualty 360 has some useful tips to consider when reconsidering your technological security:

  1. Your data is more valuable than you think.  While you may not think you have important, sensitive information that a criminal could use for his or her benefit, you probably do.  Often times the information sought after is not directly correlated to your company or personal business but could involve another party that is targeted.
  2. Cyber attacks offer low risk and high returns for criminals.  The internet is continuously progressing, therefore individuals need to protect their sensitive information to compete with criminals on the web.  There are also strong incentives to target small business owners since they do not have the resources to protect themselves like large corporations do.
  3. Small businesses are an easier target.  Since individual firms face the same risks as large companies, they are more likely to find themselves in trouble since they do not have an adequate IT budget within the company’s plan.
  4. Many small businesses are not prepared.  Sixty percent of small businesses do not consider a cyber attack to be a real risk to their company, but it is.  Cyber attacks should be taken seriously since a major incident could jeopardize the future of the company.
  5. Many small business tools cannot compete with today’s attacks.  The security defense systems small businesses put in place can ward off minor threats to the firm, but they are often ill-equipped to handle a major cyber attack.  Updating your security system regularly and seeking advice from an IT professional can certainly benefit your business and prevent a hindering attack from criminals on the web.

It’s certainly better to be safe than sorry, and it is never too late to prepare for a future catastrophe in your system.  With the amount of risk that comes with an impending cyber attack, a sure peace of mind comes with a safe security system surrounding your network.  Don’t be a victim! Protect yourself and others to ensure that your information, and your clients information, remains in safe hands.


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