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Faces of Avanti – Garner Lyon (Summer Intern)

June 10, 2015

You might ask, “How did a native Alabamian college student find his way across the country to Golden, Colorado?” To be honest, I’ve probably asked myself the same question.  Susan and I connected over the phone and things carried out perfectly for me to have an amazing experience with the Avanti agency this summer.  What I am sure of is that I could not be more excited to be here and am so grateful to have such an awesome opportunity.

As a full time student, I strive to learn more about how different financial environments function in the real world and to understand what drives consumers’ important economical decisions.  Having relevant coursework as a rising senior at the University of Alabama, I am more than pleased to be able to apply my coursework in a real firm.

My hobbies are mostly outdoor oriented.  I love fly fishing, mountain biking, and hiking, in addition to pretty much any activity that puts me outside, where I can enjoy myself.  At home I volunteer with the Black Warrior Riverkeeper organization, which helps ensure that the rivers in the state of Alabama stay clean and protected.  I very much enjoy putting time into a group with such a great cause.


The Avanti agency is well-run and efficient like a corporation, yet small enough to give the personal care to clients that really matters.  I could not be more excited to be here for the summer and hope to bring great things to the Avanti family!

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