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The Body Art Industry and Tattoo Insurance

December 5, 2012

Last week we talked at a high level about professional liability in the beauty industry, which includes body art businesses.  We will focus this week’s blog specifically on the body art industry and Tattoo Insurance.  Whether you own a tattoo shop or are an independent tattoo artist, proper insurance coverage addressing the unique risks of this industry should be part of your business plan. 

Tattoo shops, parlors, mobile artists, tattoo parties, etc. are gaining popularity resulting in many new business enterprises focused on body art.  Whether your business is a startup or an established shop, your insurance program should include a property policy (i.e. a BOP), general liability protection (either included on the BOP or as a stand-alone policy), and professional liability coverage at a minimum. 

Additionally, many shops employ tattoo artists as independent contractors or bring in guest artists.  While a shop needs to have property insurance to cover equipment and furniture such as tattoo stations, drawing stations, supplies, and a host of other property associated with your business, one shouldn’t forget about or cut corners on professional liability insurance.  You should also consider requiring all your licensed artists to carry their own liability insurance to help mitigate potential liability exposures.  Remember, while true medical malpractice may not be an exposure for your tattoo business, other medical problems associated with tattooing could result in an Errors and Omissions (E&O) / Professional Liability claim. 

While the above reiterates the importance of general coverage areas often discussed in our blogs, other areas of exposure may include: 

• Tattoo Show Liability
• Premises Liability with Landlords & Venues as Additional Insured
• Communicable and Infectious Disease Liability
• Products and Completed Operations Liability
• Guest Artists and Independent Contractors
• Sexual Abuse and Molestation
• Tattoo Schools and Apprenticeship Programs
• Business Property including Flash

When making insurance decisions, we encourage you to speak to an independent insurance agent or contact a carrier directly in order to ensure you’re pursuing the best product for your business.

As always, thanks for reading. We strive to find topics that help provide information about insurance news and industry trends that relate to you – our readers.  Remember that you can subscribe to the Avanti Reader via RSS or follow us on Facebook and Twitter (@AvantiInsurance) to receive notifications of future posts.

  1. Interesting article,
    Do you have any example of those liability insurances for your clients such as “tatto show liability”?


    • Regarding Tattoo Show Liability, there are two answers to your question: First, if your client is an event planner, be sure that their General Liability policy has appropriate coverage for hosting these types of events (i.e. guest artists, vendors, liquor liability, etc.). Second, if your client is an artist, be sure his/her General Liability policy extends to services away from his/her place of business or employment. Some policies include this kind of extended coverage coverage but knowing is better than guessing.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. Jayme permalink

    Could you provide a list of reputable insurance providers?

  3. Need Insurance coverage for our expo july 25th – 27th. Please call me at 5057189178

    • Hi David…..I left a message on the number above. Feel free to call me directly on my cell: 720-384-7032.



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