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What is a Certificate of Insurance?

November 7, 2012

This week’s topic is very short:  What is a Certificate of Insurance?  In a word, a certificate is “Proof”….proof of insurance. 

Frequently we are asked to print Certificates of Insurance for our clients.  Usually this occurs because a third party – someone other than our client – has asked for proof of insurance.  For example, a landlord may require that a business owner supply an updated Certificate of Insurance annually; a general contractor may be asked to supply their client with a Certificate of Insurance; or, a vendor may be asked to present a Certificate of Insurance to a customer.

According to IIABA’s Executive Summary published in 2007 regarding certificates, a Certificate of Insurance is a document issued by a carrier showing evidence of insurance to someone other than the insured.  While the process for requesting a certificate may seem straightforward to the client, most agencies must submit a request for a Certificate of Insurance from the carrier.  Because this process may add additional time from the moment the request is submitted to receipt of a valid certificate, it is important to communicate the following information to your insurance agent when requesting a certificate:

  • Why a Certificate of Insurance is required

  • To whom the certificate will be issued (including address)

In summary, when your clients, customers, contractors, etc. ask for a valid Certificate of Insurance, simply contact your agent or your insurance carrier.  Obtaining proof of insurance should be a simple process if you come equipped with the right information.

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