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National Safety Month – On the Road, Off the Phone

June 26, 2012

For the most part, DUI and DWI are synonymous with driving a car under the influence of alcohol or drugs.  Now there is a new acronym in the driving lexicon: DWD or Driving While Distracted. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the number one source of drive inattention is the use of wireless devices. Apart from the potential cost to life and property, employees using a cell phone while driving on company business can put the organization at risk.

In order to protect the safety of your employees, other drivers, and the organization consider adopting a cell phone policy that includes the following elements:

Zero Tolerance for Driving While Using a Mobile Phone – Prohibit the use of a hand held mobile phone, including PDA’s, pagers, etc. by an employee or any authorized operator while driving a company owned vehicle or while driving on company business.

Park the Vehicle – A driver intending to place or receive a call should park the car in a safe location to complete the call.

Use Voice Mail – Allow voice mail to answer your calls until it is safe to pull over.

Call Only When Necessary – If answering a call is necessary, use the hands-free and autodial options. Keep the conversation brief and advise the other person that you are driving.

Suspend or Hang Up – In hazardous situations or dangerous traffic conditions, hang up without warning.  It is acceptable to call a person back later and explain.

24-7 Applicability – The cell phone policy should apply to all business phone calls, regardless of whether the call takes place during business hours.

Distracted driving is a dangerous epidemic onAmerica’s roadways and the NHTSA has a web site with resource for learning more about distracted driving. Get the facts, get involved, and help us keepAmerica’s roadways safe.

We hope you found our spotlight on National Safety Month useful. Next week is the Fourth of July, so check back with us for tips on having a safe and happy holiday. As always, stay updated by subscribing to Avanti Services via RSS or following us on Facebook and Twitter.


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