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Graduation Season is also Life Insurance Season

May 8, 2012

Spring college graduation season fills the months of May and June with loads of frantic last minute items concluding the “college experience.”  It also heralds the next phase of life and, after landing a coveted job, graduates find that many companies offer benefit packages that include life insurance options.

For those under the age of 30, this is a great time to consider purchasing a life insurance policy because insurance companies typically use age and health as part of its rating criteria.  For example, with longer life expectancies, younger and healthier individuals frequently enjoy lower premiums with more coverage or coverage options.

If life insurance is offered as part of a company benefit package, taking advantage of a company’s policy – often a group term life policy – is the perfect complement to a personal life insurance policy.  It can help with getting a head start on protecting personal assets as well as establishing strategies for wealth accumulation, growth, and retirement.

Even if an employer cannot offer life insurance benefits, it is still crucial to purchase a personal life insurance policy now, not later.  Remember, the key is that premiums for life insurance are usually more affordable when purchased earlier in life and purchasing life insurance is just one step in building a long-term financial plan.

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